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Des Net is the perfect choice of people looking for internet conection. This fast n cheap dedicated internet conection, 99% up time with money back guarante. Browse Portfolio Read more
Personal & Soho Solution. Broadband Internet Access service specially designed to fulfil personal and small business needs, providing efficient, affordable and high performance/price connection. Details
Corporate and Enterprise Solution. Dedicated Internet Access service to support corporate and enterprise business communication and operation, providing network infrastructure solution abd high-speed internet connectivity engineered to create a reliable, secure, stable, low-latency, unlimited and fixed-cost internet connection. Details
Manage Email and Web Development. Managed Email and Web Services delivered to support business process that enable customers to reduce IT costs and focus on their core business. Details
Advance IT Network Management. Assited network configuration service to maintain & enhance customers internet connection traffic, consist of:Policy Routing, Loadbalancing, & Failover, Firewall & security protection, QoS & Bandwidth management, Traffic filtering and Access Control Policy to create internet connectivity optimized to support customers business operation, reduce cost and improving security. Details
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